General Questions

  • Q How to order the COVID-19 RT-PCR Screening Test?

    Fill out the reservation form and make the necessary deposit.
    (Note: Applications need to be submitted 3 days in advance; excluding Sundays and Public Holidays).

  • Q Where is the test conducted?

    For kit delivery to your home service:
    Make an appointment to have the test kit delivered to your preferred locations.
    Collect the specimens and return it to our courier for delivery back to our laboratory in Shek Mun, Sha Tin.

    For swabbing at Xcelom service:
    The sample will be collected at Xcelom and sent to our lab for processing immediately after.

  • Q Is this an approved test by HKSAR?

    Yes, Xcelom Limited is on the list of Local COVID-19 nucleic acid testing institutions recognised by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

    Related URL: https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/pdf/List_of_recognised_laboratories.pdf

  • Q Can the report be used for traveling?

    Yes, Xcelom’s report can be used for travelling.

    However, testing requirements differ between countries. It is the responsibility of the applicant to check for travel restrictions, sampling requirements and report deadlines and validity. Please ensure that your choice of testing fulfills such requirements. Xcelom is otherwise not liable for invalid reports due to your negligence.

    Only negative test results can be used for traveling. Please print out the report in color and present it to the immigrations officer.

  • Q How long will it take for me to get results?

    Results will be available:
    within 6Hrs - 24Hrs via Email/SMS
    From the time of sample arrival into Xcelom

    *Please note that the report time might differ for Sundays and Public Holidays.

  • Q There’s free COVID-19 testing in Hong Kong, why should I get tested with Xcelom Limited?

    Please refer to the table below:

    Community Testing Centres Xcelom
    Queuing No queuing
    Cannot be used for travelling Can be used for travelling
    SMS Result Detailed reports
    Result delay Fast and timely
    No Follow up service Follow up service

  • Q Do you offer corporate rates?

    Corporate rates and special arrangements available. Please contact us at:
    Whatsapp: (852) 9544 0266
    Tel: (852)3955 1368
    Email: marketing@xcelom.com